Thursday, September 22, 2016


It's been 4 years, 3 cities, 2 houses and 1 incredibly cute little dude. 

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, partner in crime and love of my life! Pretty excited to be on this bumpy rollercoaster of life with you. 

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Fun at the Fair!

This past weekend was opening weekend for the Spokane County Fair. We had skipped it the past few years, because we wanted to wait till L was old enough to really enjoy it. We headed out this past weekend and it was definitely a hit with our little dude!

Other than the long lines for parking, everything went fairly smoothly. We started out taking him through all of the livestock barns so he could look at the cows, horses, pigs, goats, chickens and more! The animals we're definitely a hit! But even more fun was the petting/feeding zoo where L got down and dirty feeding those goats. He couldn't get enough of it. And he was all about sharing the love between each animal. He wouldn't sit still and feed just one or two animals, he had to give just a little to each and everyone. Fun for him, but I think it left a few of the animals wanting more, haha!

After the animals and the required fair food, we tried to see if L was big enough for any of the rides. Unfortunately, the only one he was tall enough for was the carousel. So we rode that a few times, played a few of the "winner every time" games and made our way back to the car. It was so much fun to see all the sights through his eyes. I already can't wait till next year where he'll likely be tall enough to really participate in the rides!

The rest of our weekend ended with some park time, and the beginning of some fall festiveness!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sara's Wedding

This past Saturday my little sister got married! She was such a beautiful bride and the day went off without a hitch, except for when she forgot to carry her bouquet down the aisle! haha. It was pretty funny.

The wedding was at her husband's family home on Lake Pend Oreille and it was beautiful! The weather was perfect. Below are a few pictures (the only ones I managed to snap/steal) from the rehearsal and the big day!

Congrats again Sara and Jesse!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Peaches, Apricots & Blueberries Oh My!

This past weekend we took our little dude up to Greenbluff to pick peaches. The peaches were RIPE for the pickin' and tasted so delicious! Once we got up there we also realized there were blueberries and apricots available as well.

We have a bit of a blueberry monster on our hands, so we made sure to pick as much as we could. We literally could not pick them fast enough and L managed to eat more than half of what we picked before we could even make it to the checkout stand to pay. (Woops!)

Anyways, it was a pretty fun and HOT day but I love these photos, so I thought I'd share!

He's kind of my favorite. I like him a whole lot. 

This kid ate his weight and then some in fruit. 

He was just tall enough to pick the fruit from the lowest branches. 

Eating more...and more...and more. 

L is in a total construction/digger/tractor phase. He was OBSESSED with this tractor and did not want to leave!

I love his cheesy face!

Home on the range!

They're my favorite!

He ate every single blueberry we picked for the first 20 minutes we were out. 

Apricots galore!

And chickens! Chickens are the best. He absolutely loved looking at them. We saw a rooster too! I wish I had snapped a photo but he was too fast. Next time Mr. Rooster. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Little Man's Construction Themed Birthday Party!

L turned TWO on Sunday! We didn't go all out and throw a big party like last year, but we did gather the family and have a mini construction themed birthday party for our little dude.

L is currently OBSESSED with all things construction and we regular hear "dig!" More "dig!" DIG!!!!! around here. He loves Mighty Machines and we watch construction truck shows regularly. Needless to say it was easy to find a theme for this year's celebration. 

I must admit, I was pretty excited about how great his cake turned out! And little man was spoiled with lots of construction themed toys AND a new tricycle courtesy of Nana and Papa. 

Things are a little hectic these days as we get ready to move, but I think we successfully squeezed in a quality 2nd birthday party for our little man.